Japanese Amazon.co.jp in English! >> The Easy JP Shopping Guide

Did you know that the Japanese Amazon.co.jp store is available in English. You can register, manage orders, check out items, get help and more!

I finally found the right link that changes the language, so here it is with easy instructions on making purchases.

Click here for Amazon.co.jp in English

Amazon.co.jp Japan English

Note: Sometimes when browsing, language can switch back to Japanese. Don’t worry as product pages, account manager, checkout & help will stay in English!

The link on the front page is different. It takes you to a list of eligible items for international shipping, but the language will stay in Japanese. You can bookmark the correct link above, so that the site automatically opens up in English when needed.

A lot of expat friends of mine have noticed that Amazon.co.jp is an extremely convenient way to do your shopping in Japan. No wonder with blazing fast, free home delivery and competitive pricing. That habit often continues even after returning back home. — A huge amount of Japan goods & books in one store, as well as affordable international shipping is sometimes just hard to resist.

Amazon Japan in English

There are two ways to do your shopping.

  • Use the English language interface (1), so that only the product descriptions, reviews and some other pages remain in Japanese (link here).
  • Have the rest of the website translated with an automatic browser translation (2) add-on, which is far from perfect, but will attempt to convert all the text that’s not in picture format (see below).
  • The best experience is when both (1) (2) methods are used together.

Translating Amazon.co.jp

Yes, the Amazon Japan store can be quite easily translated into English. So that you can browse pretty much every page in your native language. Many other languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean etc. should also work.

There are different ways to do this depending on the browser being used. Mostly with the help of a plugin, extension, add-on etc. While obtaining one is easy, finding a good one that works for all pages in auto-mode was not as easy. So here you go my friends, a list of browsers and the best possible way to get things done!

Choose the web browser you are using from the list and follow instructions;

Google Chrome

This is the easiest by far, because all you need is to have your browser language set to anything other than Japanese and Chrome should automatically ask if you want to have the page translated.

It will give you a manual section over the target language, and you can set the process to be automatic with the right upper corner icon.

Mozilla Firefox

Extensions are easy to install for Firefox. Go and install the S3.Google Translator Extension & restart your web browser. Immediately you will see an additional icon on the right corner of your window.

There you can set any page you want, in this case www.amazon.co.jp to translate into English automatically.

Help in English

Looks like they have noticed that there are two million foreign inhabitants living in the country. Because Amazon Japan has established an English language customer service! If you have any questions they are actually very helpful.

Also they have a lot of instructions available in English — “click here for the English help page“. See the part where it says “need more help?” for information on reaching them either by phone, chat or e-mail.

Hope this helps and that you know how to buy from Amazon.co.jp!
Please, let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to help.

(Японский Amazon) Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что приведенные выше инструкции ориентированы на англоязычных пользователей. Для использования японского сайта Amazon на русском языке, пожалуйста, обратитесь к разделу автоматического перевода веб-сайта с помощью Вашего веб-браузера. В настоящее время веб-сайт розничной торговли находится на “Amazon.co.jp” и переведен только на японский и английский языки.

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  1. Thank you so much for a helpful post, Tim! I’ve done shopping both at Amazon.com and Co.Jp for a while but having these tips makes it so much easier. Bravo!

    • Well it depends on the seller & type of product.. you can check if they support international sending; there is a list of countries for each store. If they do but your country is missing from the list it’s possible to contact them and ask them to include it.

      Then there’s Amazon in China but usually luck is worse there. But you never know.

  2. Having a wedding in the US for a couple that lives in Japan. Taking gifts home will be a problem. Is there a way that wedding guests can shop on Amazon Japan and have them delivered in Japan?

  3. Can I order an item from Amazon Japan from the USA in order to have it delivered to an address in Japan. May I set up an account from the USA? May I pay for the item using an USA credit card?
    Thank you

    • Absolutely!

      And no need for a new account; you can use your US account to login to the one in Japan and all major credit cards are accepted of course.

    • Seems this is getting more difficult for foreign entities.
      Also some Japanese affiliates are being asked for their “My Number” when their profits start to increase significantly.

  4. Thanks. It’s amazing – indeed my books (some in English, some in French) are also distributed by Amazon Japan. Jean-Paul G. Potet

  5. Hi There
    If I want to sell on Amazon Japan ,how should I translate my listings to Japanese ,Do I work on English platform that translate it


  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have a daughter and her family in Japan so I buy from Amazon.jp on a regular basis. Even though I press the English button much of the content is still in Japanese. It has really been difficult for me and I spend hours trying to make purchases and/or track an order. I just discovered your site today and I am truly grateful for your assistance. Thank you so very much. You have helped to make this grandma’s life much easier.

  7. Amazon Japan has no place to deal with customer complaints…. Very suspect. Tried to talk with them but they spent 30 minutes trying to understand my e-mail address. Very gangster like techniques…

  8. Hi there
    I want to buy the Tsukamoto Aim AIM-01 Porto Handy Massager, menta from Amazon.jp by my Canadian Visa Card and shipped back to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Is this possible ?

  9. Hi I am Singapore
    need to order some supplements , can the price be converted to Singapore dollar .
    And how long does it take.

    Regards Rajendran

  10. Dear Senior Manager of Customers Services,

    Thank you for the email again . But It is really not to calming me down about Amazon.com.jp.
    I have decided to lodge a complaint about the sale of Amazon.com.jp
    Under Maintaining good relationship and right of customers. I should have explanation from your senior management over your CS team and investigation teams.

    First at all, Amazon.com. Jp has been providing
    a fake customers purchasing item to me at its site at the very beginning. However your company did still send me order-confirmation on April 6th afterward !

    Secondly, Mr. Chibaney CS replied and on April 6th reconfirmed the order would be delivered from May 3rd to June 11th.

    On June 10th, I have lost my patience and asked your CS initially about my order !!
    And then Amazon.com. jp has found out and missed my order with no precise explanation. And my order would be in delayed delivery by another reply .Obviously it is its fault!

    On June 10th , Amazon.com .jp replied its investigation team being involved my case. However it didn’t perform its role well to find out real reason “ back-ordered”. It is their responsibility for customers! Can you tell how a
    International Brand name like Amazon.com.jp to keep customer’s’ confidence with repeated mistakes!
    Only until June 14th. It tells me “back-ordered”
    It is unacceptable act to regain the confidence over Amazon.com.jp. I have lost my waiting period from April 6th to June 14th . In addition
    I also have lost shopping windows with other merchants due to your fake purchasing item on your site. I have not enough time for me to re -order new purchase over up coming raining seasons for my outdoor activities like fishing!need to reschedule with cost even cancel my fishing trips. I really need to rely on a outperformed rain clothes over bad weather.

    I expect Amazon.com.jp to reply me in 7 days with full explanation and suggested compensation scheme.
    Otherwise I would like to write to your CEO office to shout-out unfair to me.


    Remark: I really show my appreciation over the job done by Mr. Sato. His efforts he performs his job and email to me.

  11. CS had been trying to explain to me by email . Unfortunately he had put his full efforts to defend his own company by listing out all its sales terms and conditions instead of given care about customer’s frustration


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