eBay Japan Auctions in English! — The Easy JP Shopping Guide

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While eBay auctions is not as popular in Japan as in many western countries, there are thousands of Japanese eBay sellers and it’s services do reach there. This is shopping guide on how to on use eBay Japan in English.

For quick access, check out the links below!

Click Here for eBay Online Auctions

– or See Japanese eBay portal: “Sekaimon”

Shopping eBay Japan in English

There are basically (1) (2) two options to do your eBay shopping in English.

Use the (1) English version of eBay. Which can sort out sales to those who send to Japan, or by using the advanced search function, find Japanese sellers. (link here).

Second is to use the auctions site (2)Sekaimon” which is a Japanese portal of eBay. While the site is only available in Japanese, you can have the page translated into English to which I have written instructions below. (link here).


The website eBay.co.jp is an informational site setup to help Japanese businesses to engage in eBay activities. They have a blog with the latest news as well as all the necessary information on becoming a seller. Not a practical site for English speakers.

Sekaimon in English

For Sekaimon, I suggest using Google Chrome which has the ability to automatically translate all the pages. Just make sure that you have a language other than Japanese set as the default language.

Sekaimon in English

In this way it will suggest to translate the page after it has loaded completely. Sometimes a little patience is needed but it seems the easiest solution at the moment.

About Sekaimon セカイモン

The Japan equivalent ‘Sekaimon’ is basically a Japanese language interface and portal for eBay auction services. Targeted at those who wish to deal in their native language. It has a complete buyer, seller interface suited for orders from Japan.

There are other benefits too,  I have translated their about page below for more information.

What is Sekaimon?

Sekaimon is the official Japanese website of “eBay”, an auction site proud to have approximately 200 million items on sale. Despite being in Japan, customers can easily, freely and safely shop goods from all over the world.

Three features of Sekaimon

– One of the world’s largest number of items

From brand name to vintage items, new to second-hand items, you can find anything on Sekaimon, including apparel, jewellery, watches, musical instruments and much more. There are also many items that are not imported to Japan which are sold here, with local or auction price. A site for great bargains indeed!

– Poste restante service for best international shipping rates

After a successful bid, Sekaimon can store the item for a maximum of 30 days. With a “poste restante” service that ships internationally with the best timing. By shipping multiple items at once, international shipping fees can be reduced significantly.

– Easy & Safe Japanese language support

Sekaimon will be responsible for all the troublesome work, from communication to the local seller, item shipping, importing process, bidding and item delivery. Customers can shop with ease even with their language barrier.


I might do a post in the future about other Japan auction sites. Motivating comments are most welcome! Other than that, check out the guide for Amazon.co.jp in English which is another great place to do your shopping in Japan.

Please, leave your questions and comments below.
Thank you for reading. Sincere regards, Tim.

22 thoughts on “eBay Japan Auctions in English! — The Easy JP Shopping Guide”

  1. I would love to buy some of the Japanese ornaments but cannot understand the writing or bidding. English would be great. Please contact me if there is a way to see the web site in English as I do buy a lot of Japanese miniatures.

  2. could you pls tell me how to register as an overseas buyer on Sekaimon website?
    Sekaimon only accept a japan address when you register!

    • As you’ve noticed you cannot register with an overseas address on Sekaimon. Instead, they can sell your products through the US version of eBay if you deliver to Japan.

  3. Hello….I’m interested to buy a “breadfast island talbe” online
    I’m buying for my malaysia melaka house, if possible I do want to order for sekaimon.
    Kindly let’s me know can be shipping delivery to malaysia melaka?

    I’m willing to pay shipping delivery costs
    Thank you
    Your reply is highly appreciated


    • You don’t need to use Sekaimon if you are located outside of Japan. Your best bet is to use eBay.com directly, if you can find it from there it means international shipping is supported. Thanks for asking and just let me know if there’s anything else! Tim.

  4. I have a very nice moriage sake pitcher with five cups. I’m wondering if I could sell it on this Japanese site with more success than on eBay U.S.A. Any advice? Thanks!

  5. I’m moving to Japan and will definitely look into Sekaimon as I do a lot of second hand buying and selling either on eBay or through online classifieds sites here in Australia. Hoping to find similar options in Japan so another post on online classifieds or auction sites in Japan would be amazing! Esp for English speakers 🙂

  6. I understand that the Many Japanese people have a fascination with the Kennedy family and their history and memorabilia. I have a unique collection that as a collection could have tremendous appeal. Any thoughts, in relationship to Japan?

  7. Hello! I live in Sweden, Europe. The thing is that I found book I wanted to buy on Sekaimon, which when I checked who the seller was, he was located in the US. The I went to the Ebay.us site, but could not locate the seller there. And I couldn’t locate the auction for the book either. Any suggestions how this can be solved would be much appreciated.

    Kindest regards, Erik.

    • You’ll find plenty of sellers that ship internationally to Sri Lanka by simply searching on eBay, however none of them seem to be based in Japan if that’s what you’re looking for. Thanks for your inquiry.

  8. Are there any sites in Japan where non Japanese can buy from??, we do have ebay but we dont often have many items from Japan, i know there are many people all over the world who would like to be able to shop for items only available in Japan

    Domo arigato

  9. Hi .
    I am trying to find some missing pieces from a Kawada MG-O1 Mini Godzilla circuit 1995 kit would be still be available.
    I live in the UK.

    Regards Mike

  10. About 5 years ago, I found some crystal on Sekaimon that I wanted to buy. I didn’t know how to speak Japanese, so I lost the auction. Actually, I want to buy something that the Japanese have. Since that time, Ebay has gotten involved. They don’t mention a way to buy from the Japanese, only a way to sell to them. I need to advertise what I want TO the Japanese-I know they have this. Can you help me because I still don’t speak Japanese. thanks


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