List of Good Japanese Movies

This is an ongoing list of Japanese movies that I’ve enjoyed — sorted by category.

Japanese Girl Movie Theatre


  • The Professor and his Beloved Equation (2006) 博士の愛した数式
  • The Great Passage (2013) 舟を編む
  • Dreams for Sale (2012) 夢売るふたり
  • Like Father, Like Son (2013) そして父になる
  • Our Family (2014) ぼくたちの家族


  • Mt. Tsurugidake (2009) 劒岳 点の記
  • The Woodsman and the Rain (2011) キツツキと雨
  • Letter from the Mountain (2002) 阿弥陀堂だより


  • Shiawase no kaori (2008) しあわせのかおり
  • Midnight Diner (2014) 深夜食堂


  • None yet listed

Intelligent Comedy

  • The Chef Of South Polar (2009) 南極料理人


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