Thailand eBay Auctions in English: Thai Shopping Guide

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Biggest Southeast Asian online retail seller market on eBay is in Thailand. It’s where Thai business is booming, connected to an English language customer base.

Click Here for eBay in English

Or: See Lazada for biggest English language online store in Thailand.

eBay Thailand

About Thailand eBay

The California based e-commerce firm has been considered the holy grail of exports to anything  from small to big-size businesses. With one of the vigorous South-east Asian markets for product manufacture, Thailand has managed to surpass Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia in trading value as well as the number of sellers on the eBay platform.

While the country has embraced it’s business-to-consumer functions, consumer-to-consumer and auctions services have been less popular within the country. However plans are to extend business within C2C in which we are likely to see increase, while keeping it’s main stance on export.

eBay Thailand in English

They website at is targeted towards local sellers seeking information on using the service, only in Thai language. All eBay services, including those that are targeted towards Thailand consumers can be found at the main website.

Please see the link above for more information.

Online Shopping in Thailand

For making purchases in Thailand, is the most popular as well as modern e-commerce portal with full smartphone support. No other website has been able to match the services of eBay within Thailand itself.

The company is offering a shopping experience similar to big online department stores around the world with anything from electronics to fashion and other consumer goods. Lazada is also conveniently available in English and very popular with visitors and expats living in Thailand.

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15 thoughts on “Thailand eBay Auctions in English: Thai Shopping Guide”

  1. Hi. I am hoping to achieve the impossible. My Thai wife wants to buy her elderly father ( who is a monk ) an electric heater as he is now feeling the cold up in Chum Phae , Khon Kaen. To buy and post from the UK would cost an extortionate amount in postage. Do you have the capability to find and post. I have a PayPal account and would very much appreciate your help. Thanks.

    • If anyone wants to take up on this — just leave a comment and I can help to forward the contact details. I’ve seen it happen 🙂

      Or why not use Lazada?

    • tel him to buy a heater in his village and tel your wife to stop making you buy some thing for her family .you got your own worries .i have a thi wife and i told here i am not a money bank for the famely be carful they have sucked many a english guy to nothing then just get a nother one .tell here you have no money and if she love you u she will stop bothering you.

    • Go to Global House and buy the oil filled radiator, they work very well, and are energy efficient! I bought one for my MIL here in Lampang last year and it worked great!

    • Have your wife send him money through western union. Then he can pick out what he wants and buy it local to him. I don’t like to order anything from outside my country and use my credit card as they charge me a foreign fee. Good luck.

    • Thanks for the advice. They did not have any local though. That would have been the simplest option. Got one from asda in England and posted it. Only cost 17 pounds to post.

  2. I have been purchasing products on lazada. I dont speak thai and postman doesn’t speak english… yet i am getting stuffs done on time with cash on delivery only. (Not being able to speak thai language is really difficult to reply the phone call from post office).

  3. Has anyone got a large picture of Tigers together in black fabric with silver thread,
    it needs to be old and vintage rosie


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