South Korean eBay in English – Korea Shopping & Auctions Guide

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This is an easy shopping as well as seller guide for Korean eBay in the English language. You can find the details below with instructions.. but basically.

You are looking at two website choices;

  1.  Use Gmarket Global
  2.  Use eBay in English
    ebay South Korea

In South Korea everyone knows Gmarket (nicknamed the “Korean Amazon”) — it’s the most popular, dominating shopping site in the country (by far). Much like eBay, it’s a seller portal where you can connect with Korean sellers, buy and auction all goods imaginable, both used and new.

Since 2009 the Gmarket Corporation was acquired by the eBay online auctions giant and ever since has been their subsidiary known as eBay Korea Co., Ltd.



For those looking for either to order Korean goods with international shipping, or just want to make online English language purchases within Korea — the global version of Gmarket gives you reach to an incredible variety of products.

They ship to over 100 countries — and also provide an easy to use app for both Android and iOS smartphones. The website is also available in Chinese.


The US eBay portal is also a very popular method to make purchases from South Korean sellers. To search amongst them, go to the advanced search function and at the bottom of the form you can select the location to “Korea, South”.

Another advantage with eBay is that many South Korean goods sold there are stocked in other parts of the world, such as US. Which can make purchase much cheaper and delivery times faster. Either way, it’s always a good idea to compare both of the sites for price, location and availability.



Gmarket can be a great way to reach the South Korean consumer market. However your options of opening an account there by yourself will be limited to having a company registered in the country and Korean language skills.

The easier option is to use a third party for drop shipping to sell goods to Koreans. If you need any recommendations or suggestions for this, just let me know in the comments.


In some cases the US eBay portal will be an option to reach the South Korean market. But it is mostly used by sellers who want to reach overseas markets.

Hope this guide has been of assistance.
Please, let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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  1. Hello Tim, we need to pay for a scissor platform to South Korea company, but they
    say us that don´t know Visa credit card payment system. We use Visa to USA-Eu-
    rope suppliers, without problems.
    Can yu help us if you know if Visa is accepted in your country. Many thanks your
    quick reply. Best regards.

    • Hello. International credit cards such as Visa is an accepted payment method by most Korean businesses similar to other parts of the world. Do you know what forms of payment they accept? Thanks for asking. Tim.

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