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Lazada is constantly growing & has gained the status of the biggest and the most modern online store in Thailand. All that convenience now available in English.

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Lazada Thailand

About Lazada Marketplace

Lazada is a popular e-commerce website founded in 2011. Now operating in six Asian countries, including Thailand. Since 2013 it added a marketplace feature where third-party retailers can sell their own products through the e-commerce portal. The success has been overwhelming and the marketplace now constitutes for the most of sales on Lazada.

Shopping categories include Electronics, WOmen’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Baby & Tours, Sports & Travel, Motors, Pets & Media, Highlights Shop Brands and more. in English

The Thailand version of the website, targeting online Thailand consumers is located at the address and contains both versions in Thai and English language. International shipping is not supported so far. Please, see the link above to change the language setting.

However — do note that the product descriptions remain in Thai. The easiest way to convert the descriptions into English is to use the Google Chrome web browser which automatically asks to translate pages that are not in the same language as the browser itself. In this way, you can effortlessly browse through the pages while Thai content is live translated.

Warning! Although very helpful, the translation is far from perfect. So despite using the translation feature — it is recommended to use the link above before entering the site in order to have all the important text in correct English.

If you have any questions about online shopping in Thailand.
Simply leave your question below and I’ll get back to you soon. Thank you.

46 thoughts on “ Marketplace in English: Thailand Shopping Guide”

  1. Hello dear team,

    I have a manufacture and store in thailand. We sell clothing for kids (dress, t-shirt, skirt…) 100% cotton .

    We would like to sell on lazada.

    Can you explain us all steps for sell in your e-commerce (How much is the inscription on Lazada? How much per month, how many % you take for sell clothes, and what is it about 2% commission.)

    Also after inscription we need to send you our stock with the prices?

    And about the deliveries and payment.

    Please send us all informations for can to sell on lazada.

    Thank you very much for your time and your help.

    Hope we can work together soon.

    Best regards.


  2. May I buy a freezer from Lazada? How do I proceed. I live in Sattahip, 30 minutes south of Pataya

    • Yes freezers are available for oder. Just use the link above to search for a suitable freezer, add to cart and go through the registration steps. Thanks!

  3. ive been trying to send a fridge to some dear people in Thailand ( im in the US ) somehow my visa card doesnt work ? its from my bank, not a pre paid. why is this happening ? can you tell me ?

  4. I ordered GPS sat nav for Thailand. Delivery was quick, but no Thai map, only maps for other countries. Can I exchange it?

  5. Is there anyway to ship to USA?

    I am a buyer in Los Angeles, CA and desperately want to buy samples. ASAP. Please any help with this would be appreciated.

  6. On August 24, I ordered a clamp multi-meter, arrived a few weeks later, found out that the description of the unit was not correct, wanted to return the unit. Asking Lazada to whom to return the unit to the supplier or Lazada. Had to ask this because it was my first order and the paper in the package was very poorly printed! send a reminder about 1 week later, now it is October10, 2018, still did not receive an answer, however there was a message saying it was noted and the money was registered in the computer. I never received an answer on my question, and the unit is still there. Mid September I received a message from a Mr. Moskow (Lazada) Head of the sales department, asking my opinion about Lazada and if I was satisfied with Lazada. My answer to him was: I wrote the whole story and told him that I left it to his own imagination how he would call this!
    Still 10/10 2018 no answer on my mail message to him!! Hope something might happen now. Maybe the problem is that Lazada Thailand does not want to serve
    FARANG CUSTOMERS. Because I ordered in the past through my wife and daughter and this worked well!!

  7. Today I attempted to pay for an item but my two Thai debit cards and my UK Credit and debit cards were all refused. I’m not going to bother to try again. Incidentally COD is not possible as my condo management will not help.

  8. I would like to use Lazada but imposible to get it in english while I live in Thailand. Have fownloaded the app in english but all of the navigation is in Thai language. It been like this for more tha one year. When will the real english version be launched?

  9. I am trying to place an order but I am over here in the US, I already ask the manufacturer if they could sent it here, they says yes, but I couldn’t put my US address for the shipment, so I couldn’t place the order, for some reason you ask for help to the help line not working. so please tell me how do I finished my order. thanks

  10. i have again ordered pet food from Lazada. I received the Lazada delivery man today and he always finds my house. the other package is brought by Kerry Delivery. Tonight he called at 1930 to ask me to come to meet him at 7 11 as he can not find my house. house 40 Hasippee road Patong. He calls but says no speak english and i try to give him a thai speaker he hangs up Kerry seems to have no interest in delivering your goods to customers. I really appreciate your ownLaz delivery man who speaks english uses the google map to find my house with is on the google map. I put it there.

    now i suggest you do away with Kerry they are useless and i always had problems with them in Hua hin also the year I lived there.

    please just use your own deliver service and all will be fine. Attitude is really a serious thing with the Kerry drivers. thanks

  11. I am trying to buy a Brown rain suit from Lazada Thailand, but when I go to the site, all the details are in Thai language and I really need to know what the rain suit is made of.
    I there any simple way that I can convert the Thai details into English? thanks.


  13. Lazada is a great idea focusing on providing good Customer service and a convenient way of shopping.

    Why is then not the case here in Thailand whereby they completely demonstrate the opposite to all that made Lazada successful in the first place.

    The biggest single hurdle Lazada Thailand faces is it’s complete indifference to customer service which is abysmal. Made all the worse with a delivery system that is completely out of touch with its first and foremost obligation to its customers.

  14. HELP , I am trying to sign up as a new account and the site is not providing a sms code .Can I sign up or order over the phone direct please proved a phone number to 0816857690 so we can execute a order

  15. It said press here for Lazada English, I pressed and what comes out? Thai nothing but thai which I don’t speak.

  16. I want to buy a filmora video editor the question is whether it’s a monthly or one time payment. Thanks

  17. I try to cancel one order, a freezer standing, with draws but I don’t have the ordernr. the price is 13995 bath. the reason, my money not come yet thanks to the corona virus. Sorry.

  18. hi hello i have account from u to my iphone but i want to log in to my laptop but i cannot log in ? please let me know what should i do?

  19. No one speaks English in Thailand do not try,dont care factor all the time ,farangs will not and can not get any ,service ,information and help if you want to purchase.
    Only if you have big bucks in your hand .

  20. I can not change the language on Lazada web. The cookie never worked from the first time. did not store my choice choose language all the time new and now in Firefox 84.0.2 neither google chrome can not change the language. switched of all addons and extensions, closed kaspersky and vpn started Firefox new but the problems still exist.

  21. I need to urgently order from Lazada but have forgotten my password – have followed all the instructions for getting an email code to change my password, but the email with the code doesn’t arrive in my inbox. I urgently need certain supplements for my sick old dog and there’s nowhere in Chiang Mai I can buy them, and I have regularly used Lazada in the past.

  22. I have forgotten my password, but never get the code supposedly sent to my email address – as a result I can’t order anything. This has been going on for a long time.

  23. I have forgotten my password, but never get the code supposedly sent to my email address – as a result I can’t order anything. This has been going on for a long time

  24. Several days ago I ordered l-taurine – an essential for my very sick dog – I now have a message on my phone saying my order has been cancelled. Please explain and tell me how I can re-order as I’m out of stock for this essential doggy heart disease supplement.

  25. As usual, I need to buy a number of items from Lazada but I’m unable to do so because the text on the so-called English language pages will not show in the English language. I’m sick to death at trying again and again to make purchases of items unobtainable where I live – obviously Lazada and its incorporated businesses simply don’t want to bother with non-Thai speaking customers.

  26. I just received a blender from lazada, tried to use it and it hardly even turned and smoke came pouring out.
    Dangerous… do I get my money back ?????


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