Japan PayPal Notes — Questions & Answers

I’m using this space to take down some notes, as well as ‘try to’ answer questions about using Japanese PayPal services in 2018.

Japanese Cash Machine

Registering business account

  • You only need to have your address verified by mail and then send them a scan of your alien registration card to open up a business account. Business registration documents are not being inquired and you can define the name of the business freely.
  • The name of your company and bank account names do not have to match. Money is wired by using a name that is defined separately when connecting a bank account with your PayPal account. Therefore regular bank accounts in your name can be used.

Withdrawing funds

  • “How long does it take to withdraw funds to a Japanese bank account?”: I’ve had money transfer the next working day to Shinsei bank.
  • Foreign currency funds are exchanged to and sent as Japanese YEN on each withdraw.

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