How to Learn Japanese & Start Using the Language Fast

For me, learning Japanese is all about gaining confidence to use the language. When you are able to construct sentences and use words in spontaneous, real life situations, memorizing becomes an automated and fun process.

That’s why a lot of outspoken and confident people find Japanese easier. But I was never one of those people, and thought that language learning was difficult. Until I found out that I was simply lacking a good method, that would give me the freedom to explore the language in my own terms.

Now in 2018, I speak four languages and love learning!

Learning Excitement

And for that, I want to thank the “Michel Thomas Foundation” which taught me that becoming confident was all about understanding the language. Their method is beautifully constructed to give me that confidence right from square one. And to give me all the necessary resources to fast start my own journey of using the language.

In other words, remembering a language is all about understanding it. And the Michel Thomas Method will help you to understand Japanese in a unique learning environment and approach without homework or memorizing. All the way from total beginner to advanced.  The audio books are available under under this link on iTunes, also the courses can be found on Amazon over here.

You can have a listen of a sample of the beginner audio book:

Michel Thomas Foundation Courses

Especially with a challenging language like Japanese, it’s important to feel rewarded every step of the way. Already within minutes of starting to listen to the audio tapes, you are asked to pause the tape and construct your own sentences from what you have learned. It’s incredible to realize how fast you can start speaking a language and imagine yourself doing daily tasks.

Especially Japan is famous for an old fashioned education system, where you learn to repeat with a one-way approach. It’s time to brake these conventional molds and negative thoughts about studying something new. The spirit of engagement and using your own brain is what has made these courses so exciting for me.

This method is beyond fast, it’s instant.

I hope you like this little tip from me and I would love to hear about your experiences. Good luck with mastering Japanese. It’s a crazy fun language to learn! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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