Guide on How to Not Get Banned From Rakuten Japan Affiliates

Here is a mediocre translation of the e-mail when you get for not complying with the affiliate program agreement of the Japanese “Rakuten Ichiba” e-commerce giant. A common problem is that you are using their logo, or screenshots from the page. The first e-mail is simply a warning, and removing the violating content (even late) should return your account status to normal.

Rakuten Girl


Please excuse the sudden contact. This is the Rakuten Affiliate in charge of customers.


From now, After you have a look at the following pages, verify any inconsistencies of Rakuten Affiliate partner agreement.


Rakuten Affliate partner agreement


As mentioned in the Rakuten affiliate partner agreement, the below action is prohibited.


Within the link contents, changing parts other than possible editing on the actual aloud by the company (company or service providers links). Providing other links, as well as making changes as a third person.


As an Rakuten affiliate, after creating a new link please publish the raw link.


The act of replacing images, conduct transformation, is prohibited.


Our company, “Rakuten Affiliate” Please do not use partners that are not submitting an image.


After checking the agreement, please make amendments in accordance to the passage.


After corresponding to prohibit matter as been recognized, from now on similar deeds will continue, and If failure to follow the service agreement with in the parameters, notification will be made before hand using the following steps.

  • 楽天アフィリエイトリンクの無効化
  • 新規リンク作成画面へのアクセス禁止
  • 成果報酬の支払停止
  • Disabling of the Rakuten affiliate list.
  • The creation of a new access link is prohibited.
  • Stop payment on remuneration.


Therefore, Until October 21, as well as the above site, and identical other sites make revisions where applicable, and for informational purposes, when deletions or revisions are finished, please send an email in this same email style.


Now, from October 21, in case violations corresponding to agreement are come across In accordence with Rakuten`s affiliate partner agreement section fifteen, without Advanced notice, the actions mentioned in the above page will be executed, by all means, please correspond.


Best regards from Rakuten affiliates.

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