Amazon Thailand! About Amazon & It’s Alternative in Thailand

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For those wanting to do Amazon shopping in Thailand, easy shopping is at your fingertips in plain English with free delivery and a modern interface.

So what’s the most popular Amazon alternative of 2018 in Thailand?

Click here for Lazada Thailand in English!

Amazon Thailand

Unlike the west; US based e-commerce giant Amazon has decided to steer away from the Southeast Asian online shopping market pie.

The brand that everyone knows in Thailand is Lazada — the biggest & most modern shopping site in the country similar to Amazon.

Back in the days you might have considered ordering from the US with hefty shipping and import tax fees — but even worse you would most likely end up paying a lot more for drop shipping services due to the the lack of international shipping.

A problem still relevant for those willing to ship at in Thailand.

Ever since Lazada entered (and dominated) the Thailand market there’s little point in going through such trouble. As most products can be bought from there directly.

On top of that; they have an Amazon-like, popular seller system where Thailand businesses add price competition and even broader range of goods to the mix.

Best Thailand Amazon Alternatives;

First stop — Lazada Thailand

All mainstream goods and a whole lot more; use cash on delivery with free shipping for a safe shopping experience. Site supports mobiles & easy browsing in English.

Second stop — Global eBay

Can’t find what you are looking for? eBay is a global marketplace where you can search for an even broader range of goods from sellers based on country/delivery options. Besides saving on shipping costs by ordering from nearby countries; you are not forced to pay import taxes for added cost benefit.

While Lazada is considered the most “reliable” option — eBay also has an effective money back guarantee system in place to protect their customers.

More alternatives?

As a last resort you may consider — when searching for products it’s advised to search “Amazon Prime” products for more likelihood of shipping support to Thailand. Import taxes are automatically estimated and added to price; with unused portion of the fees refunded when the product is delivered.

Other less popular alternatives include; 11street Thailand, Shopee Thailand, Se-ed, Tesco Lotus, JIB, HomePro, Central, Advice and Powerbuy.

What’s your best alternative to Amazon in Thailand?
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  1. LAZADA is NOT Amazon, nor Ebay! The item I need comes in a six- pack, I need ONE only. Amazon- yes; E Bay- yes; LAZADA- NO!!!


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