Amazon Japan in USA: Order, Buy & Shipping from

This is my guide on the easy way to order and buy items from Amazon Japan, with US shipping. Yes, Amazon JP does deliver to the USA by using these tips.

Amazon Japan in US

Now, not ALL items can be shipped to the US and sometimes the cost of shipping can be high on the Japanese Amazon store but please note;

  1. An 8% consumption tax is reduced for US customers!
  2. Fees like customs taxes and duties are automatically calculated

Please, go through these options for USA delivery;

(a) Make sure language is set to English

  1. Click here to open up language settings
  2. Select English – EN
  3. Click on “Save changes”

(b) Search through Amazon Global

  1. Click here to open Global version of Amazon Japan
  2. Make sure “Amazon Global” is selected in the search bar
  3. Search for the item you wish to order to the US

(c) Troubleshooting

If you cannot order from to the USA for some reason, or you are getting a message like, “this item cannot be shipped to the address you selected”.

Check out these links that should help you out;

  1. Amazon Japan already provides a “how to ship internationally guide“.
  2. Problems with your order? Click here to contact — their customer support staff speak both English and Japanese.
  3. Amazon JP has their own Facebook page for international customers.
  4. Note on international return guidelines for outside of Japan.

(d) Tips & Tricks

The “Amazon Global” feature does provide convenience for online shopping from Japan when in the USA or anywhere else outside of the country.

But when looking for rarer, more specific items it’s recommended not to rely on it when looking for supported shipping in your shopping category.

What you can do, is to simply browse the store in English and set your country from the top left corner like so;

  1. Click on the “deliver to” menu at the top
  2. In “choose your location” and look for the “ship outside Japan” drop-down.
  3. Select “United States” from the list of countries.
  4. Select “Done”.
  5. Now, browse and search for products as you would do normally. When entering the page of an item, it will display a warning “this item cannot be delivered to the address you selected” if shipping is not supported to the US.
  6. If it is supported, it should say, “this item ships to the United States”.

To increase your chances of finding an item that supports shipping, you can select the “Amazon Prime” option when searching on your left.

Products fulfilled by Amazon are more likely to support international shipping.

Hope that helps your online shopping quest.

Please, if you have any questions at all about buying items from Japan to the US, or about the Japanese version of, leave me a comment!

Very much thanks for reading and your visit, Tim.

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  1. 龍の宿命 『龍が如く』を作った男 名越稔洋 (日本語) 単行本 is a book I am trying to purchase however when I log in I get a issue with contecting to my account

  2. Hello I just bought 2 canbatch item from Japan. It says my total was 82.00 usd and that payment was processed. But in my card statement it says 0.1 was spent. On . Also it says my shipment should arrive in 5 days which also seems wrong. Since im in USA shipping takes way longer then 5 days from outside the U.S
    How can I ensure that everythunf was purchased correctly?


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